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Levy Creative Management artist CHRISTOPHER NIELSEN hits a home run with this poster for Maine Recycled Paper. See below for the whole “Beautiful Journey.”


Chris has done some really exciting jobs this year but this may be the fave commission of 2012 so far. He was asked by the super talented guys at Thursday Design to create an image that worked across a poster, brochure and print advertising for Maine Recycled Paper. They asked for a beautiful girl on a bike with some flowers and a vintage poster feel. Thursday also suggested Chris have a crack at the typography. “Um gee ok I guess, if I have to!”
He started gathering his reference material and had to sit through several unfortunate hours googling “girls on bikes”. The Audrey Hepburn shots were a great starting point. Here’s some of the reference he used (The Zoe Deschanel one is well…just because).

He also went back to some of his favorite Cassandre posters and some other vintage cycling posters in search of typographic inspiration.

Initial roughs were still looking for the right angle for the girl but they all agreed the more heroic perspective worked best so he went to work refining this. The guys at Thursday had also found an old junk bike that they were re-birthing as part of a “beautiful journey” whilst documenting the whole thing for the Maine brochure so he had to match his illo to that particular bike in the final.

He sent a further refined version including the typography for the client,  got the go ahead and Chris worked up a couple of colour-ways. In the final stages he also shifted the flowers to her hands so it didn’t look like she had ridden over them.

Chris decided not to present all the color options and just go for his fave because the clock was ticking. He ended up pulling an all-nighter to get it over the line as the client was flying into Sydney to visit the designers and check out the progress of the job. Thursday reported back that the client was ecstatic and they all walked away a little bit tired but with a big crush on our Maine Girl.

Posted on 05/03/2012 for CHRISTOPHER NIELSEN

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